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The product was made by hand. There is no paint. 100% pure and natural. There is no additive material. It is used in areas including the bedroom, the garden, the terrace and the living area. Our product number 0524, known as a stylish Turkish pillow, will add color to your room.

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patched carpets and kilims Many of the wreaths written by the Turks and the Uighurs came from the remains of houses and inns to daylight. The bearers and ladies of the Uighurs are also depicted on the carpet. A. Van Saban stated that they would use mosques and goddess palaces as a way of representing the universe from the “Uighurs” (Murakasa) and that they would not be mats.

Some of the old Turkish carpet motifs are very important in terms of representation is meanings.Paramen, You can find many products on the site such as civilized pillows, Anatolian cushions, old carpets, historic pillows, historical carpets. Patchwork Pillows

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