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Our 40×40 patched pillow product is 100% natural and any paint material is not used. It can be an indispensable detail if you want to add a stylish look to your room.

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Our patchwork historic cushion products are 100% natural and unpainted. Produced naturally. There is no additive material. Some of the Uighurs from Selenge and Orhun, BC. II-II. It flows west and south along its length. Our product, made as embroidered pillow, was produced quite a long time ago. a hundred years ago, they settled in large parts of Turpan in their carpet weaving.

Even though such evidence has not been reached till today, Carpet Tradition VIII comes. It has spread west and south since the Century. Our patchwork pillows, known as Turkish pillows and Anatolian pillows, will add harmony to your surroundings. In the IX and Xth century, Hazar Turks were planted in carpet weaving. Carpet, Anatolia’s Oguz is known to be in contact with “or a hundred years later. The Arab traveler and writer who traveled to the IBNfadl region served for carpet weaving, which is a judge at home, is 921 years.

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