Hand made patchwork pillow | 0526

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This unique pillow, 40×40, came together with material that was obtained many years ago. Our historic cushions were produced by hand in the past by people in labor. It does not contain any chemicals or dyes.

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Patchwork Pillow – When viewed in general, it began to emerge with the living process of living with Uighurs. For the first time, these stylish prodbucts became a source of Islam after the Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish arts, which is an established feature of Turkish art. Graphic style lines based on rock paintings from Central Asia and miniature rectangular & patterned pillow or carpet materials were used for adornments with appropriate techniques of IX.

patchwork pillow
patchwork pillow

Patchwork Pillow | He plays an active role in the development of Uyghur books. Especially the products from the old dates are very good quality and natural. Art historians have also embraced this vision. Wall paintings, ornaments and sculptures have created important works in the field of painting, fabric, weaving, writing, miniature books and skin, depending on the Uyghur city civilization. You can use your Patchwork Pillow living space, home, office, garden, arbor, terrace or bedroom as you like, and you can make your room look stylish. ,

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