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Green Color Decorative Women’s Silk Bag

Make great surprises to your loved ones with silk bags

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Green Color Decorative Women’s Silk Bag

A convenient, natural product that creates pleasure

a large space in which you can put your things in the bag and 1 different pockets at the same time.

Made of silk

COLOR: NATURAL (cream and green)

Eco-friendly and 100% natural

silk are traditional Berber carpets woven by traditional handmade wool women painted with natural dyes. They reflect the harmony of nature and the evolution of culture transferred from generation to generation. Each silk is a unique work of art from the weaver’s imagination, creativity and feelings.

All our products are handmade,

width: 36 cm (14 inches.)
length: 21 cm (8 inches.)
Full length hanger: 50 cm (20 inches)


Boyutlar 21 × 36 cm



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