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12×20 İnch Rug Pillow, Striped Decoration, Lumbar Pillow Case

Product is Handmade and made of kilim, light color, it is quality and also it is not easy contamination because it’s ropes, kilim is sturdy and quality.

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Cushion Cover, The Our Product made of rug, it is quality and also you can use for many years. Handmade, Internal interlining Gabardine fabric, 12×20 inches and 30×50 cm. Lumbar Pillow Case,

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Striped Design Rug Cushion

Our product is quality and historical pillow. You can use it for years.
More than one product is shipped with the same cargo.
30×50 cm “12×20” İnches)
Please contact us for any problems.

* 1 pcs coaster gift

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Hopefully, you will create a new atmosphere for your home decor with our products like thousands of other customers. The meaning of quality in us is to be different from similar ones. Most of the products in our shop have completely different designs and colors. And also the service we offer is completely different from our competitors. In fact, we are a company that also cares about the quality of the fabric used in the products. Even a simple sewing thread we use during production is a tremendous precaution for us. Not only in our products, but also in your speed and solution-oriented approaches we offer in our customer service, you will be satisfied

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Boyutlar 30 × 50 cm



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