5×7 İnches Set Of 4 Striped And Design Fabric Wallet

Make great surprises to your loved ones with Cloth Wallet!

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Triped And Fabric Woven Wallet

There are 4 pieces. The fabric is the same as the set sent. The patterns are different. See the images.

You can carry your money, credit card or similar phone and similar items with you with high quality and convenient fabric wallets.

I’ll help you with your credit card. Now, it’s time to organize your coins, cash, keys, or other small items. You can also carry your smart phone.

Fabric Wallets

The Coin Purse is an allover multicolored fabric. This colorful coin has a compact shape and features a zipper closure. The yellow parts are sparky.

Measurements: about 5 x 7 inches (14 cm x 18 cm)

“1 Pcs. Coasters Gift.”

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I hope you can create a new atmosphere for your home decor with our products like hundreds of customers. The meaning of quality within us is different from the similar ones. Our collection in our store is different design and design. And the service we offer is different from our competitors. In fact, we are a company that attaches importance to the quality of the fabric used in its products. A simple sewing thread that we use in the manufacturing process is a great cleaning for us. You will also be satisfied not only with our products but also with our fast and solution-oriented approach from customer service.

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Boyutlar 14 × 18 cm


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